Get Out Of The US By The End Of The Year – Jeff Berwick on Double Crossed Radio

Jeff is interviewed by Chuck Horton for Double Crossed Radio, topics include: Supreme courts make the congress irrelevant & take power from the states, NDAA, TPP, rapid roll out of the NWO, cashless society, you cant free those who don’t see their chains, vanishing privacy, rise of civil forfeiture, most people unaware it is happening, involuntary social contract, the power of the net to propagate counter narrative, we are in the end stages, US government out of control and other counties getting sick of it, Jeff attends the G7 and infiltrates Bilderberg, fake journalism in the main street media, burgeoning freedom in Guatemala, expatriation, Ecuador, Estonia, Cambodia, Columbia, Panama, relative freedom and safety with the US, Liberland, Hong Kong and much more…


Your Place On Earth In 3 Words – Hi-Tech

Although it’s home to some 70,000 people, there are relatively few official street names and addresses in Rocinha, Rio, the largest Favela in Brazil – a real problem for its inhabitants.

UK tech start-up “What3Words”:http://what3words.com/ has the answer: an app that fits inside a smartphone and is much more precise than a GPS. The idea is to give every single spot on the globe a unique and easy address to remember – words that translate to a specific set of coordinates.

==3 word addresses = …
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BitGold Inc. – BitGold Inc. Reports June 2015 Key Performance Indicators

LessThunk: Bitgold continues to grow at about 30k users per month.

BitGold Inc. Reports June 2015 Key Performance Indicators Toronto, Ontario (July 2nd, 2015) – BitGold (TSX-V: XAU), a platform for savings and payments in gold, is pleased to announce its Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the period ending June 30, 2015. These results will be published on a monthly basis to advise customers, the investment community and other stakeholders of the growth and development of the BitGold network. User Sign Ups Period Total User Signups – End of Period Net Increase/Decrease Launch to June 4th 33,014 +33,014 June 5th to June 30th 62,629 +29,615 Transaction Volume (Gold Grams) 1 Period Transaction Volume – End of Period (grams) Net Increase/Decrease (grams) Value in CAD for Reference Launch to June 4th 28,881 +28,881 C$ 1,359,428 June 5th to June 30th 78,883 +45,002 C$ 3,479,889 Customer Gold in Vaults (Gold Grams) 2 Period Gold in Vaults – End of Period (grams) Net Increase/Decrease Value in CAD for Reference Launch to June 4th

Source: BitGold Inc. – BitGold Inc. Reports June 2015 Key Performance Indicators

07-01-15 – BANK BAIL-INS – w/ Goldcore’s Mark O’Byrne

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Mark O’Byrne feels that holding a Degree in Greek and Roman Civilization with a focus on their economic and monetary history. This gives O’Byrne insights into the cyclical nature of societies that few other writers have. It is these insights that Mark shares in this 35 minute video. Bank Bail-Ins are only a modern day indicator of financially collapsing societies. “Unfortunately, we don’t learn the lessons of history to our own downfall!”


“Given the large amount of debt in the world today we are seeing almost ‘anti-free market philosophies’ whereby the governments don’t like price signals and the pricing mechanism, so they are trying to repress this to repress interest rates.”

“By artificially suppressing the pricing mechanism, similar to forcing an inflated beach ball under the water, it will shoot up in another direction and can go in the opposite direction to what is initially intended!”


“We are told Bail-Ins are to protect the taxpayer from the government having to bail-out the banks. But the depositors are the tax payers? Bail-Ins are just to protect the Senior Secured Debt holders!”

This is wrongful deception as people belief their money is safe in the bank It is intended to protect the assets of the Senior Secured Creditors within the banks capital structure. Private individuals and depositors are not holders of Senior Secured Credit to the banks which is strictly the relm of select international banks.


“If you confiscate depositors funds (in a Bail-In) you will cause deflation like you would not believe!”

If you follow Mark O’Byrne’s analysis you quickly realize that Bail-Ins are both economically very dangerous and basically nothing more than regulations to protect elements of the bank financial structure. The question may be: are regulations today to protect tax payers from the banks or to protect the banks from taxpayers (depositors)?

“Maybe today we need to come to the obvious realization that the government is no longer regulating the banks, but rather the banks are regulating the government!” Gordon T Long


….and much, much more in this fact filled 43 minute Video.

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